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Corporates Partnerships

CUIRS has connections with financial firms including Wall Street Oasis, Wind Information Co., Titans, and Flow Traders.


Wall Street Oasis

Wall Street Oasis is one of the largest and most entertaining finance communities online. WSO provides finance forums, financial modeling trainings and many other career guides.

Visit for more information.


Wall Street Oasis

Below is a set of extensive free resources from our partner, Wall Street Oasis, that can help you find your career path and build the skills needed to succeed in a career in finance. 

It includes Excel courses, financial modeling, resume templates, interview questions, salary guides, and all the skills needed for investment banks.

Click the below links and start your learning journey now!

All Resources

Excel Resources

Financial Modeling Resources

All Templates

All Interview Questions & Answers

All Career Resources

Salary and Compensation Guides

Resumes and Cover Letters

I. Job Descriptions

II. Designations

III. Skills

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