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CUHK Investment Research Society (CUIRS) Activities

Our Research Program Works & CUIRS Events

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Monthly Publication

After joining CUIRS as a research team member, research analysts will be working on investment research from data collection, thesis generation, report writing, and monthly research publishing before the final semester assessment.

Final Assessment

At the end of the program in each semester, each research team will be presenting their idea to the industry experts in bulge bracket investment banks and hedge funds. 
We believe we can enrich our research quality by professional assessment.


Career Supporting Group

As a CUIRS member, we will invite you into a career-supporting communication group comprised of industry experts across world-renowned private equities, hedge funds, investment banks, and asset management companies. We aim to connect students from junior to senior, undergraduates to industry experts.

CUIRS X Speaker Sharing Series

CUIRS invited alumnus and experts in financial services industries to share their  industry knowledge with our CUIRS members. We have already invited speakers who are from ESG investing, crypto, and asset management. We are also welcome everyone who are interested to be our speakers or audience!

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