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Welcome to CUIRS Investment Research

A unique and fast-growing intercollegiate student-run investment research platform starting from Hong Kong, and expanding globally


CUIRS Investment Research

In 2022, CUIRS was founded by CUHK undergraduates to establish a first-tier junior finance professional community by connecting industry experts to students, with a structured research program and professional publications.

Beginning in 2023, CUIRS Investment Research rebrands itself as an intercollegiate student-run investment research platform and starts pilot initiatives in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany while solidifying the team's existence in Hong Kong junior banking talent community.

CUIRS Core Values

Listen to Others.

It's a creative force that rewards us wisdom and respect.

Think Carefully, Independently, but Creatively with Justifications.

We should be creative in idea generations with detailed reasoning, act toward imperfect informations.

Take on the Challenge.

Adversity are mean to help us know who we are.

Give Back.

Generosity is the best investment.

Smile at Life.

Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it will smile back.

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