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CUIRS Research Team Structure

Beginning in 2023, CUIRS has expanded globally by initiating cross- university and society research projects with our partner's network, while solidifying our existence in Hong Kong. CUIRS has the Hong Kong Investment Research Division (CUIRS HK), CUIRS UK Investment Research Division (CUIRS UK), CUIRS Germany Investment Research Division (CUIRS Germany) and CUIRS US Investment Research Division (CUIRS US)). We have a long-term conviction that we will expand to Alternative Investment (Crypto, Real Estate, Transactions) & Quant Strategy in the future. We are open to discussing founding new segments, please do not hesitate to contact us via the home page to discuss potential collaborations.

CUIRS Hong Kong Division


​Hong Kong Global Equity Team (HKGET)

(Head in 23' Term 1: Arthur)

In 2023, HKGET members will cover the research of single-name securities across US/HK/China/South Korea markets and sector focus on the TMT/Fintech/Real Estate/Healthcare industry. While we are open to being exposed to any sector that our team is interested in.

For publication, GET will deliver 10-12 single-name security research each semester.

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Global Market Team (GMT)

(Head in 23' Term 1: Benny, Kelvin)

CUIRS GMT has been covering market-moving headlines across the US, EU, China and Ex-Japan Asia and Japan, and actively initiates project-based research report by team members with diversified backgrounds. 

The team publishes regional news summary on Instagram and market commentary on LinkedIn every week.


Marketing & Strategy Team

(Head in 23' Term 1: Angela)

In the 1st of 2023, Marketing & Strategy Team has expanded as a team of 7. Mainly responsible for developing social media campaigns on LinkedIn & Instagram and organizing CUIRS events.

For CUIRS events in 2022-2023, there will be speaker sharing events and incoming investment-related competitions.

CUIRS UK Division

(Head in 23' Term 1: Reyna)

CUIRS UK Division consists of 2 teams which cover the UK pharmaceutical sector and the UK consumer sector.  The first team is set up by CUIRS and Asia Investment & Banking Conference (AIBC) from LSE, and the second team team is set up by CUIRS and students from King's College London (KCL) and University College London (UCL).

London City
Image by Pieter van de Sande

CUIRS Germany Division

(Head in 23' Term 1: Cartie)

CUIRS has entered into a collaborative partnership with the WHU Finance Society at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, forming two distinct research teams featuring both bachelor and postgraduate students from WHU. Our German-based team members will provide comprehensive coverage of both domestic and global equities, honing their sector expertise within the specialty chemicals and retail industries. Looking ahead, CUIRS is committed to fostering lasting connections with Germany's preeminent financial talent.

CUIRS US Division

(Head in 23' Term 1: Joshua)

CUIRS has partnered with Michigan Venture Club from the University of Michigan. The teams are dedicated to providing detailed research of the SaaS sector, and professional advice on US venture investments.

Image by William Duggan
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