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Is there discipline and grade year requirement in joining CUIRS?

No, there isn't. We welcome students from their freshman to the last year of studies to join our team, and we are also open to students from any discipline. At the end of the day, research is all about finding the right information, and diversity is also our core value.

How do I join CUIRS as a Research Analyst and Head of Research?

Beginning from 2022 Feb, we started to recruit research analysts every semester, and the experienced and motivated analysts will be the potential future heads of research. Every team members are our precious asset, and CUIRS is dedicated to creating a flat hierarchy environment for everyone to share their ideas, and to become future leader.

How often does CUIRS meet? Are there regular meetings for updates?

We won't impose strict rules on regular meetings of each research team, we understand students need to balance school work and contributions in CUIRS. Thus, we give full flexibility for research heads on meeting management, and we are devoted to "work efficient" instead of "work hard".

What does CUIRS expect from members and what can CUIRS provide in return?

We are looking for any passionate student with a "can-do" attitude and an attentive spirit - We believe efficient communication is the key to finishing the team works. On the other hand, as the "Activity" session suggested, CUIRS could provide members with hands-on training activities, networking opportunities, and invaluable connections to our peers.

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